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Direct investments

VISUM Capital offers a number of investment products that vary in rate of return and liquidity

We offer our clients and potential investors to participate in our corporate mutual funds. The offers are made periodically when new investments are placed. Average maturity of a fund is 5 years with investment period of 2 years.

Real estate in Ukraine
Real estate in Ukraine
Visum Capital in partnership with GEOS have been developing projects on construction of residential, commercial and trade real estate since 2012.
In current portfolio
Total area, m2:
over350 000
During 2014 - 2020:
Built and commissioned, m2:
over200 000
During 2020 - 2025:
Will be built and commissioned, m2:
over300 000
Real estate in Hungary

Visum Capital has 6 projects in real estate outside Ukraine. All of them are located in Budapest, Hungary.

The projects imply construction of modern residential developments with apartments, offices and other non-residential premises. Developments are located in central part of the city with convenient reach to main lines of transport.
Current portfolio
Number of projects:
Total area, m2:
over50 000
During 2014 – 2020:
Built and commissioned, m2:
over14 000
During 2020 – 2025:
To be built and commissioned, m2:
over37 000
River passage
Harmony terrace
Sunny Side
Balance garden
Date of commissioning: Q1 2020
6 600 m2
79 apartments
75 parking lots
River passage
Date of commissioning: Q1 2022
6 500 m2
131 apartments
133 parking lots
Harmony terrace
Date of commissioning: Q2 2022
5 500 m2
88 apartments
53 parking lots
Sunny Side
Date of commissioning: Q2 2022
4 200 m2
71 apartments
33 parking lots
Balance garden
Date of commissioning: 2023 - 24
17 500 м2
340 apartments
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Verum medical center

The development of a healthcare chain under the Verum brand is a significant milestone in the history of Visum Capital.

Verum medical center opened in Kyiv in 2016. Year 2019 saw the opening of the second stage of the center and the start of development of the local outpatient care network in the city of Kyiv.  Today Verum is a multidisciplinary expert level medical center, aimed at systemic treatment, diagnostics and prevention of a wide range of deceases.

The clinical center houses the medics of 34 different specializations, all of them being high-level professionals with multiyear records of local and international practice. The clinic is outfit with high-end medical equipment produced by Phillips, General Electric, Karl Storz, Toshiba, Mindray,

Verum operates an international center of clinical trials and serves as the scientific clinical base for the Institute of biology and medicine of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University.
Verum group
2 medical centers
Total area, m2
3 000
number of doctors:
During 2020 - 2025:
Centers to be opened:
Number of patients served per month:
4 500
Alternative energy
Alternative energy

Visum Capital has been engaged in development and operation of small hydro (shpp) and photovoltaic (pvp) power plants since its inception. We are involved in each project form the very beginning until the very finish.

Development-wise our participation begins with searching for a land plot and ends with the commissioning of a plant and signing of a power purchase agreement with the buyer.

In every project Visum Capital invests own equity along with the funds of investors.
Our aim is to create a pool of shpp and pvp projects under management with total capitalization of not less than EUR 25 million
We are interested in the following projects:
Small hydro power plants
project capacity of:
0,3 - 2 MW
Photovoltaic power plants
project capacity of:
5 - 10 MW
Financial services
Sirius Invest Group

Management company of mutual funds.

Principal areas of investment: residential and non-residential real estate, purchase of shareholdings in projects and provision of loan financing to these projects.

Number of corporate investment funds:
Assets under management:
up to USD30mln

Financial company which provides services on retail lending to finance purchase of residential real estate in projects developed by GEOS Group. Credex is an exclusive lending partner for GEOS projects.

Interest rate:
Loan portfolio of the company:
up to USD25mln