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Visum Capital

Visum Capital – is a group of companies that has been investing in private equity projects for more than a decade. We co-invest in every project we undertake. Our strategy has a long term focus with investment horizon of at least 5 years. The share of our participation in a project varies and will depend on project specifics.

Profiles of target companies comprise healthcare, residential and commercial real estate, renewable energy, financial services. Our team has accumulated experience in financial and operational consulting as well as in project management.

Welcome to VISUM!
Our investment domain
Direct investments projects are long term undertakings where we invest financial and human resources of Visum Capital. We established diversified portfolio of projects, part of which generates dynamic cash flow and the other is aimed at long term increase in capital value. You can find more information about our projects below.
Direct investments
Visum Capital set long term development priorities for its business lines and is proud of its projects. As always we will spare no effort to bring success to every single undertaking of ours.
Our approach

Visum Capital is a Ukrainian based business group which has no hidden shareholders and is not engaged in politics. The group is focused on development of its existing projects and is open to new ideas.

Our team is open for constructive cooperation and will be keen to review new projects which imply either investment on the part of Visum Capital or sourcing of funds from external investors. We will gladly share our experience with you.

  • Building longterm relations
    We develop sound and lasting cooperation which provides for a better understanding of a client and possibility to recommend best solutions to attain clients' capitalization strategies.
  • Individual approach
    Visum Capital applies individual solutions for each specific case taking into consideration clients' needs and capacities. Visum Capital will try to identify instruments that fit best for a specific task.
Contacts VISUM Capital
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